She doesn’t count days

What is the story with these readings? Yesterday another randomly met guy did this time a palm reading, read from my left hand. It was a short reading and did not reveal anything I did not know before. Quite accurate I think, especially if you consider that this person did not know a thing about me.

One very interesting thing he said was about my… life line. Apparently I have 3 life lines!!!  He said I’m protected. He said I can be hit by the lightning and will only turn grey. I will just continue my life as normal. My physicality is guarded by positive forces around me. Good to know. My Mum can now relax, as she is constantly worried about me:) No, I’m not going to test how does it work in practice. I don’t think you meant to take it literally. Life is not a computer game ha ha 

He said I should not smoke before 11. Is that a message or warning? Ok I won’t. I’m not anyway but just in case no haha

Now back to San Francisco. My favourite park here is without doubt Buena Vista park. It is a small park, more like a forest right in the center of the city. Apparently it’s the oldest park in SF as well. I would love to know the history of this place, it must be rich. I love the neighbourhood as well. I love just walking around there. If there is such a thing like previous life I was definitely living there. I’m so drawn to this place. I’m 30-40 min a bus journey from there, but very often I’m finding myself just jumping on a bus to have a coffee there. My favourite coffee shop is Bean Bag cafe on Divisadero St. What makes a good coffee shop? Definitely music. They always have good music there. It is such a relaxing place with the best lox bagel in the town. Yes! My addiction to bagels continue. I gave up to even try to fight against it. Lox is what they call type of  a smoked salmon here.

That day I was heading towards the ocean, but somehow I’ve ended up in the park. I climbed to the first slope to admire the view, it’s amazing from there. There was a Gentleman sitting on the bench, and me being me has started to talk with him. First of all the view from that particular spot is 0 degree North. North Pole energy is calling there:) That was what I have shared with him. He was with his dog study something. He said he usually reads the poetry there, but that day he was study… Japanese tea ceremony!! Come on! On a day when I’m thinking shall I stay, or shall I go I’m meeting Gentleman who is fascinated with Japanese culture. He got me so excited about Japan. He reminded me that the is the whole world to explore and San Francisco is only my first stop. He shared the tips where to go, where to stay in Japan, how to make it less expensive as it can be. He got me so excited about their culture, pottery. come on! Pottery! I can feel how in love I’m going to be  with  all of that. Going back, Japanese tea ceremony is carefully choreographed experience, where everybody including the guests have a role. It’s a spiritual experience, so I guess I want to practice my part before I go there…

After that I knew exactly what am I doing next. I’m leaving my beloved San Francisco soon. I’m flying out from LA mid of March. My next stop is Fiji. No idea what to expect there, but it’s time for the next chapter of this adventure.

ps I –  Why the title of this post is “she doesn’t count days”? We went out last night and somebody used these words to describe me. We all thought it would be great as a song lyrics. Feel free to use it if you writing any song:)

ps II – The pictures below are taken from Buena Vista Park and the hill next to it. I think its called Corona Heights Park. I’m not sure. Both places have spectacular view over San Francisco. Definitely highly recommended a view-point. I’m a bit lazy recently with my camera. I’m using my mobile only. I promise that before I live San Francisco I will capture my favourite city in the world.

IMG_1890 IMG_1893 IMG_1895 IMG_1899 IMG_1902 IMG_1911 IMG_1916 IMG_1919 IMG_1923 IMG_1927 IMG_1928 IMG_1977

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6 thoughts on “She doesn’t count days

  1. she doesn’t count the days…

    hahahahahah :***


    1. Ha ha “Schodami gwiazd i zachodami odmierzam czas lisci kolorami, odmierzam czas….nie uzywajac dat” Cudowne!!!! Nie licze godzin i lat, to zycie mija nie ja!!! Siedze w coffee shopie ze sluchawkami i bujam sie w rytmie. Jest 9 rano a ja juz mam dobry dzin. Dzieki Tobie kochana. Love you lots xxxx


  2. po lekturze “samotnosci w tokio” jestem bardzo ciekawa jaka bedzie Twoja relacja 🙂


  3. Hej Gosiu, juz nie moge doczekac sie Twoich relacji z Japonii. Pozdrowienia.


    1. W takim razie troche cierpliwosci prosze. Na chwile obecna bedzie to maj jak dotre tam, ale wszystko moze sie zmienic:) ps. Strasznie mi milo widziec, ze czytacie! Komentarze jeszcze milej mi widziec. Pozdrawiam xxx


      1. Pewnie, ze czytamy i caly czas trzymamy za ciebie kciuki 🙂 Patrzac na to ile potrafisz wyciagnac z, co by nie bylo, blizszego nam kulturowo SF, twoja wizyta “nie liczacej dni” w Japonii moze byc niezla przygoda (przez bloga rowniez dla nas i to bez biletu :)). Powodzenia.


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