Trying to understand

It’s different here. I feel different. Yesterday I noticed an interesting thing about myself. I have arrived to the next place, trying to understand a new tribe but without much thinking I just get on with whatever is thrown at me. I think it’s kind of survival skill but without being in any danger. I wonder if it’s something special or general for everybody, kind of primal human way to deal with the new things. It’s quite a nice feeling to know I can handle , deal with everything. I knew that before, but it’s good to be sometimes reminded about it. Life feel safe then.

The language barrier is frustrating I must admit. I took a break for the last two days. I mean I have to communicate somehow, but I’ve just stopped pushing and putting pressure on myself for not being able to talk. Gosh! I am my worst judge. I’ve been here only a week, but my expectation towards myself is to be fluent in a month. Where is the logic? I’ve been using english for years and still learning so I don’t really understand why I’m letting frustration to take over. I think it’s time to drop this side of me and just relax. Things will happen organically.

Good example – I went to the theatre on Saturday. From an hour and half performance I’ve picked up one new word. It’s a progress, right? One word closer. Closer to what? You see that’s what I’m talking about. This is the pressure I constantly put on myself. I need to stop that!:) Anyway it was a story of Frida so I knew her life struggle before. I was entertained even without understanding what exactly is happening on the stage. Good enough for me! I’m happy with one new word.

Anyhow in order to understand locals you need to go to a market. That’s what I have figure out so on Friday I went to the central station where I believe is the biggest market in the town. What an experience that was! I’ve spent hours walking and walking and walking. It was fascinating. There is nothing in the world you might want and won’t find on this market. There is everything, literally everything. The biggest surprise for me was the whole alley with garlic! I’ve never seen so much garlic in my life. They must use it a lot here. Life animals, d’ah! Fish & chips but without chips, grasshoppers as a quick snack for locals. No, I have not tried these “delicious” creatures. Apparently they are really good in tacos. Well, I’ll take their word for that! I have tried the breakfast enfrijoladas though. It is just tortilla with pureed black beans. I mean lots of black bean. In fact the black bean soup garnished with a bit of Mexican cheese. I’ve asked for no meat one, but of course they did not understand so I’ve got something that tasted like some pork. If I were a true vegetarian I would have a hard life here ha ha Anyway it was the market food breakfast. Something like a mexican version of an english fry up. A massive meal that keeps you going for the whole day. I did not have anything to eat for the rest of that day:)

Here you go some pictures below. Enjoy!  ps. I have finally learned how to create a slide show on this website. Just click and it should take you straight there.

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7 thoughts on “Trying to understand

  1. Cudowny targ!!!! Uwielbiam takie miejsca. To żywioł i najciekawsze miejsca w miescie. Wiecej Gosia, poprosze o wiecej! 🙂


    1. Robi sie! Wiecej marketow bedzie na pewno. buziaki x


  2. Take a bus and visit the market of Tlacolula de Matamoros. 40 min on bus. It’s another incredible experience, specially on Saturdays and Sundays. (Ask for the best day)… and don’t miss the oportunity try the grasshoppers. Are like french fries but without cholesterol. Buena suerte amiga!!


    1. Thanks Marc! Will do the market, but not sure about chapulines:) I’ve been told that if you eat chapulines you will stay in Oaxaca forever! too tempting ha ha


  3. Gdziekolwiek jesteś, cokolwiek robisz zawsze się ścigasz. Wątpię byś w relaksie znalazła trwałe wyluzowanie
    Co to jest co każe Ci biec? Wsłuchuj się w siebie. Z kim się ścigasz? Kto ma być lepszy? Kto gorszy i dlaczego. Czyj to głos? Na pewno go znasz.
    Surowo się oceniasz nawet pisząc o tym i surowo się oceniając za surowe ocenianie. Do jednej oceny dodajesz kolejną.
    Bazar zachwycający 😀


    1. Z kim sie scigam? zawsze z sama soba. Oj znam to, znam ten glos bardzo dobrze. Jak tylko przestac sie oceniac. Oto jest pytanie?


      1. Tak jak napisałam. Zostaw ocenianie tam gdzie jest. Czyj to głos w twojej głowie. Nie Twój, który mówi, że jesteś nie dość dobra, że mogłabyś lepiej, że ktoś jest lepszy, że zrobiłaś za mało, może, że będziesz nikim (a co to znaczy?). Może takie, a może inne słowa, ktoś Cię ich nauczył i przyjęłaś je za swoje.


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